Air Borne   An air sanitizing, surface disinfecting and deodorizing spray. Used in hospitals, sick rooms, mortuaries, hotel foyers, in offices and in the home.  P.O.A



  All in One   Anon-drying, penetrating, lubricating,non-conductive, water displacing agent. Used to start wet engines, unfreeze nuts and bolts and a water repellent for circuit boards, ignition wires and parking meters. Stops corrosion on battery terminals and lubricates locks and hinges  P.O.A



ALLU Extreme 3 in 1   Contains special blends of acid to emulsify dirt, oil, grease, road fillm and oxides on aluminium and stainless steel surfaces. Ideal for cleaning truckbodies, storage tanks, shopping containers etc.  P.O.A



Ammsolve   Biodegradable all-purpose detergent. Used for dewaxing floors, cleaning baths, basins and all ceramic surfaces aswell as melamine type canteen tops and counters  P.O.A



Auto Shine   Autoshine is especially suited to washing vehicle exterior by pressure washer or manually and leaves no residue or streaks on the vehicle exterior even when allowed to drip dry. Autoshine is neutral and soft on the hands. The high oil and grease removal properties of Autoshine make it particularly suitable for cleaning vans, delivery vehicles and motor cars.  P.O.A



Bio-H   BIO H is a chlorinated caustic cleaner for use where foam application is required and may be used in all food industries including dairies, abattoirs, beverage plants food processing plants and hatcheries. BIO H efficiently removes fats, oils proteins and other related soils.  P.O.A



Blockaway   Concentrated liquid drain solvent containing corrosion inhibitors to dissolve organic obstructions. Used to dissolve grease, hair, rags, sludge, soap paper, sanitary napkins in toilets, sinks, cesspools, slop sinks and grease traps. Also removes lime scale and rust deposits. Kills roaches and water bugs.  P.O.A



  Chain Lube   An extreme pressure, anti-friction chain lubricant which penetrates and inhibits wear and corrosion even under extreme pressure conditions . (Timken load 120 psi)  P.O.A



  Clean & Polish   An oil based product for cleaning and polishing stainless steel. SSCP is specifically designed for cleaning stanbless steel and most other metal and chrome surfaces such as aluminium, zinc, brass, copper and silver. When used on these surfaces in accordance with directions, SSCP restores a brilliant "like new" shine and leaves a protective coat to help retard tarnish in the future.  P.O.A



Cyber Crete   A safer alternative to hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids. For cleaning concrete trucks and related equipment of cement film, road dirt and grime. Also excellent for cleaning and brightening brick, stone, glazed tile, cement and concrete surfaces.  P.O.A



Cyber Sol   Water based cleaner, comprising of glycol ethers and biodegradable surfactant and citrus bases extract. Low foaming  P.O.A



Drain Maintenance Liquid   Drain Maintenance is a combination of bacteria and enzymes that rapidly liquefy and digest fats, oils, greases, cellulose and protein. By keeping slow or blocked drain systems and grease traps free flowing, the need for frequent cleaning is reduced. Drain Maintenance is suitable for spraying onto floors and walls around camper toilets, pit toilets, outhouses, portable and construction site toilets, carpets and rugs, rubbish dumps and applying to other areas where waste disposal and odour problems occur. Septic tank friendly and enhances the digestion of waste matter within the septic tank  P.O.A



Easy Shine   Cleans polishes and protects wood, formica vinyl and chrome. Contains canuba wax.  P.O.A



Fat, OIL & Grease (Block)   Fat, Oil, Grease Control (B) is a slow release, bayterial laden solid for use in degrading organic waste within grease traps. The safe, naturally occurring bacteria are present in high numbers to handle difficult organic problems. The unique brick will gradually dissolve over a 35 - 120 day period allowing for continuous treatment and degradation of waste. The naturally occurring bacteria contained in the brick will reduce odour, sludge, fats, boils and grease build-up.  P.O.A



  Fat, OIL & Grease (Powder)   Fat,Oil Grease Control (P) is a bacterial laden powder for use in degrading organic waste within waste water treatment plants and grease traps. The safe, naturally occurring bacteria are present in high numbers to handle difficult organic problems. The naturally occurring bacteria will reduce odour, sludge, fats, oils and grease build-up. This product is completely harmless to all fixtures, plumbing lines and grease traps and septic tanks.  P.O.A



  Hand -San   An instant hand and arm sanitiser with a refreshing scent. Eliminates over 99.5% of cross contamination micro-organisms and will not cause drying of the skin. Provides instant protection. Evaporates within 15 seconds. No waer or towels required. Leaves no residue.  P.O.A



  Mildex   A ready-to-use mildew and fungus stain remover. Removes mildew and fungus stains and brightens grouting without scrubbing or brushing. Removes fungus stains from bathroom tiles, showers, locker room walls, ceilings, shower curtains, floor mats and painted surfaces.  P.O.A



  MX-Yello   MX Yello is an alkaline foaming liquid containing biodegradable solvents, grease cutters, emulsifiers and penetrants for efficient oil and grease removal. It can be mixed with water for lowest usage costs and efficiency. MX Yello can be used safely on most surfaces for removing a wide variety of soils.  P.O.A



  MX40   A water soluble, powerful degreaser containing fast acting ingredients for rapid removal of heavy grease, oil and soil. Emulsifies, leaves no film and dries fast. Used to clean forklifts, greasy equiment, exhaust fans, lathes, industrial carbon and soot, workshop floors, tool and die equipment etc. MX 40 may be used in industrial pressure washing units  P.O.A



  Outbreak Control   Outbreak Control is a highly concentrated disinfectant based on a synergistic blend of quaternary ammonium compounds, gluteraldehyde, alcohols and surfactants.  P.O.A



  An alkali solution containing emulsifiers and detergents to clean aluminium and metal coils and filters in air-conditioning units. Can also be used to clean metal filters in kitchen exhaust areas. Also an effective stove and oven cleaner. Dilute 1 part Recoil with up to 4 parts water.  P.O.A



 Satin Paste Satin Paste   Hightly effective ammoniated paste cleaner and polisher. Non-drip when cleaning vertical surfaces. Used for cleaning baths, basins, all ceramic surfaces as well as melamine type canteen table tops and counters. Also used in kitchens for removing fat from overhead cooking canopies and for cleaning procelain. plastic, aluminium and stainless steel pots and kitchenware.  P.O.A



  Sewerex   A concentrated compound designed for sewer line cleaning and removing blockages. Sewerex will also attack and dissolve stubborn roots that penetrate sewer lines.  P.O.A



  Silicone Spray   A heat stable silicone release agent which prevents sticking and squeking. May be safely used for lubrication and release properties on all surfaces whether metal, rubber, glass, wood, plastic or paper.  P.O.A



  Stain away (blue-line)   Deodorised, ready-to-use cleaner for removing dirt, soap, scum, mineral deposits and rust stains from water fountains, urinals, fibreglass, marble, procelain, tile and plastic, etc.  P.O.A